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Yayayay young Asian girl guitarist

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I have worked too hard for too long to get here, and I am NOT going to jeopardize it for some garbage boy who got lucky! Got it?

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Hyrule Warriors - Sheik vs Dark Zelda

so, i have twitter now? follow me? outtacuntrol

one direction twitters totally welcome

Incredibly Vague Descriptions of Bands That I Come Across

For Creative Loafing, I have to sort all the upcoming shows by their genres. The quickest way to do that is by reading a band’s bio, but…

  • "Even though Solomon left music, music never left him. After a long hiatus, he called some friends to come out to that small town and begin again."

  • "If you’re looking for fun, poetic, energetic tunes that will leave you wanting more, then Heffron Drive is the band for you."
  • "Mark Wilkinson’s lyrical depth, gift for melody, and impassioned delivery have established him as one of Australia’s most highly regarded singer-songwriters. "
  • "Based out of Baltimore,MD, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong has an undeniably unique and versatile live sound that ascends peaks of musical ecstasy."

  • "Deb Hunseder and Steph Callahan of Halcyon produce incredibly well received original songs, showcase excellent musicianship, chemical harmonies, and energetic, engaging performances."
  • "20 year old Jordan Rager is a singer/songwriter from Loganville, Georgia. Music is his passion."

  • "Once upon time in a farawayland at corner of Marietta and Ivan Allen, there was a mystical benefactor that went by the name of ENDENU."


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I was born in the wrong generation. This generation is still racist as fuck and I can’t download a pizza. Wake me up in the year 3019.

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